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title pic Caring for Long Haircuts

Posted by snip on April 2, 2011

The crowning glory for any woman is her hair. Opting for long haircutsReece Witherspoon long haircuts allows for an elegant and versatile look with more choice and style options allowing you many advantages over a shorter hair style. The ability to create different styles that suit your mood such as braids, “up-dos”, temporary curls, perms and what may seem an endless choice of hair accessories to create simple or complex styles. You will have to balance the advantages of having a long hairstyle by spending more time caring for long hair cuts compared to someone with a shorter style, though the following information can benefit those with medium and short haircuts.


Choosing  Hair Care Products

Natural Long Hair Care With Fruit AromaThe following regime will help maintain healthy and attractive long haircuts. Let us start with the correct approach to cleansing, conditioning and moisturising. Before choosing which shampoo, conditioner, styling mousses, etc to use on your hair, you need to decide which of the following applies to your hair type. Is it is normal, dry, oily or a combination of any of the former? Then there may be factors which may effect your choice such as whether the hair has been chemically treated with hair colors, perms etc. If you need products that aid frizz control, straightening, or for issues such as thinning hair and hair loss.


Washing Long Hair cuts – The Right Way

Woman washing long haircuts Once you have the desired product that you need the next step is the use, frequency and application. The use of shampoos with long hair should ideally be once every three days as over frequent washing can strip the hair of the essential oils. In the case of greasy hair, the follicles may even start to produce an excess in oil production.To begin, never wash your hair whilst taking a shower! This tends to dry the hair due to the hot water and showering causes the hair to stay flat to the head making it much more difficult to cleanse the underside. The best method is to use a hand held shower and wash your hair upside down this can even help give the hair more body. Whilst bent over, position your hair up and over the head from the nape of the neck so that it drops freely in front. Wet the hair thoroughly with warm but not hot water and then rub the shampoo into the hands before massaging it gently into the hair from the roots to the tips. Your hair will not lather much due to the oils and dirt present that the shampoo has lifted from the hair. Rinse your hair and the re apply more shampoo its active ingredients will have more effect on clean hair. With the second application, you should pay more attention to the scalp (but not roughly as this may break the hair at the root) prior to treating the rest of the hair and then finally the tips. Dont scrunch or twist the hair, instead gently squeeze the lather through it. Finally, rinse your hair with warm water to remove the shampoo for at least two minutes and then gently squeeze out any excess water, you should find that your hair will be literally squeaky clean. At this point, you may wish to add conditioner.


How to Condition Long Hair

Conditioning Long Hair CutsConditioners should be used after every shampoo as they moisturise and remove excess oils from your long hair. Always pour the conditioner onto the palm of the hand and then apply the conditioner, working on the ends first and then towards the scalp, do not massage into the roots as this can give the hair a flat and heavy appearance. To maximise the benefits of your chosen product, leave the conditioner in your hair for at least five minutes as this allows it to penetrate into the hair, then rinse it out as you did with the shampoo. Gently pad your hair with and then wrap it in a towel for about twenty minutes to pre dry it prior to drying completely unless you plan to apply leave-in conditioner. The result will be moisturised tangle free hair that is healthier and easier to manage.


Leave-in  Conditioner – Application for Long Hairstyles

Spray in ConditionerLeave-in conditioner is a product based, not just on oils, but also on ingredients such as Glycerin. Their purpose is to help add moisture to dry hair and ease tangles which for long hair can become a major problem. They also help volumize and protect long hair against thermal treatments such as hair straighteners. Leave-in conditioners normally come in spray or cream form and choice is a personal preference.

Prepare your hair by combing  it first (spray should be added at this point if used). Never use a brush with wet hair as it is three times as weak and you may risk breaking it by doing so. Style it into a loose pony tail, then begin by running your hands over your long hair with light feathery strokes and just passing over the scalp. Then rub the hair gently from side to side before finally brushing it thru and if necessary sectioning the hair to accomplish this.


Drying Longer Hair Cuts

blow drying long hairBefore drying your hair make sure that it is smooth and tangle free and that you have the correct brush for your long hairstyle. A paddle brush is the ideal choice for straight hair, while a round brush is best for volume, waves and texture. Start by making a parting about four to six inches wide, clipping the remaining hair to keep it out of the way. With the bristles facing away from you, gently brush the hair with a downward motion, moving the hair dryer with it. Not only does this dry the hair but smoothes it at the same time. The heat from the hair dryer allows the cuticles to open and aids styling. Then a final blow with cold hair closes the cuticles and helps to hold the style. Do not shake or wave the hairdryer up and down or from side to side, it serves no purpose and gives less control to drying your hair. Repeat the procedure as before ensuring that each section is completely dry before moving on to the next, this can be done by using the back of the hand which is more sensitive than the palm.


Brushing Long Hair Cuts

Natural Bristle Brush for Long HaircutsLong haircuts should never be brushed excessively, every time that you brush your hair some strands will inevitably snap so it is important to limit the breakages and this can be achieved by using the right brushing technique and the correct brush.

Long hairstyles benefit from brushing. Effective brushing removes the loose dead scales that accumulate on the scalp and at the same time massages it, encouraging production of a natural oily substance called sebum that spreads evenly through the hair by the brushing action.

For normal brushing of long haircuts, a paddle shaped brush made with natural bristle is the best type to use for removing dirt and product build up while redistributing the sebum. Synthetic brushes are not capable of that.  Synthetic bristles or those with evenly spaced tines are more suitable for styling and disentangling long haircuts.